When you think in Nuts and Dried Fruit from Chile, you should think in Pacific Nuts & Dried Fruit your reliable partner since 1992.

Our company is located in the heart of the Chilean productive zone of Nuts and Dried Fruits, we offer Walnuts, Prunes, Premium Almonds, Raisins and Hazelnuts.

Our products comes from our own orchards and from selected growers that meets our high quality standards. We have 5 different processing and packing factories along our country: In the north is the Raisins plant; in the central zone we have two, Almond and Prunes; in the central/south zone we have the walnuts drying and machine cracking process; and in the south the Hazelnuts plant.

Our qualified team combines many years of experience in farming, harvesting, processing and marketing of high quality Nuts and Dried Fruits. Our quality is not a secret.

Pacific Nut & Dried Fruits is part of the holding Empresas Sutil